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What should be done to take care of the prostate?

What should be done to take care of the prostate?

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From middle age, the most common prostate disease -since it can affect more than half of men- is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). It is a progressive enlargement of the prostate gland that can cause urination problems and -if correct lifestyle habits are not followed- it can evolve faster and cause other problems. For all this, it is essential to follow some keys to have good prostate health:

Maintain proper hydration
It is advisable to drink between one and a half and two liters of water a day to help improve voiding habits and bladder training. On the other hand, men with prostate problems should exercise caution and try not to drink excessively before a long trip or before going to bed.

Avoid saturated fat and sugar
Follow a balanced diet

Saturated fats of animal origin, such as red meat, as well as sugar, can contribute to weight gain and the development of diseases -such as cardiovascular diseases- that do not contribute to good prostate health. It is also convenient to avoid spicy and acidic foods.

Do not consume alcohol or tobacco
Alcohol is an irritant to the digestive system and the prostate, so it can increase the symptoms derived from benign prostatic hyperplasia and cause discomfort in this gland. Likewise, tobacco is one of the main risk factors for urinary and prostate problems and, if they are already suffered, it can aggravate them.

Fill the fridge with fresh and healthy food
Feeding Habits

Basing the diet on fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits and vegetables, provides the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain health. A balanced diet is the best way to prevent diseases, including that of the prostate. For example, to follow a good diet for the prostate, it is advisable to include foods rich in vitamin E and zinc, tomatoes, pumpkins, and oily fish.

Prevent constipation:
Inflammation of the prostate can obstruct the intestine and make it difficult to evacuate, so it is recommended to eat foods rich in dietary fiber, for example, flax seeds or spinach, which help regulate intestinal transit.

control weight
Obesity is increasingly prevalent among older men, a risk group for prostate disease. In fact, according to experts, excess weight, especially around the waist, increases the risk of an enlarged prostate. Therefore, leading a lifestyle that helps maintain an adequate weight is an essential preventive measure for good prostate health.

Practice physical exercise
Do physical exercise

In general, for health, it is essential to do sports on a regular basis. It is advisable to combine both aerobic (swimming, walking or running) and anaerobic (weightlifting, for example) exercises.

Have adequate sexual activity
A healthy and satisfying sex life can promote good genitourinary health in men by keeping the prostate active.



Trust Sabal serrulata
sabal serrulata

Sabal serrulata, also known as Serenoa repens, is an adjuvant in the symptomatic treatment of voiding disorders in stages I and II Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), according to the EFSA. Likewise, it is useful for the maintenance of normal urinary function in men from the age of 45 and for the support of maximum urinary flow.

A Spanish study published in the journal International Urology and Nephrology has verified that this medicinal plant allows improvements in the quality of life and in the symptoms of patients with urinary tract problems associated with BPH with the same efficacy as conventional treatments and with fewer side effects.

To help in the symptomatic treatment of voiding disorders in benign prostatic hyperplasia, and to maintain normal urinary function in men over 45 years of age, there are phytotherapeutic preparations based on the extract of fresh fruits of Sabal serrulata. In fact, its use is authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to relieve urinary tract disorders.

These recommendations include simple changes in lifestyle, in order to prevent the appearance of prostate problems. However, it is essential to carry out periodic reviews and, in the event of any symptom or suspicion.




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